Unexpected obstacle

I hoped 2015 was going to end the way I began it. With two doubles titles to start the year in January, two more later in the year and a second place singles finish in a $25,000 event in Mexico, I had reached my career high rankings in singles(347) and doubles(203). I was gaining more and more momentum as the year went on and playing the best tennis of my career. At the end of May I officially received dual citizenship for Chile and began representing them. In September I officially became the number one player in Chile and was looking forward to my Fed Cup debut in February 2016. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned.

I was playing one of my last tournaments of the year in Waco, Texas, in the beginning of November and during a practice session I was changing directions and my knee went out. A few weeks later I found out I tore my ACL and medial meniscus. I was going to have to have surgery in December. I was extremely upset and disappointed. I had already faced some injuries in my pro career and I didn’t want another setback.

But I knew this injury could go one of two ways. I could let it get the best of me, bring me down, and let it end my pro career, or I could use it in a positive way. I could use my free time to turn my weaknesses of mind and body into strengths, learn Spanish, spend time with my family and friends and to take one day at a time to get a little bit stronger and better everyday.


2016 is going to be my most challenging year so far, but I’m up for the challenge!!

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